Here’s why you need to avoid a DIY divorce in Wisconsin

As far as the laws are concerned, you don’t need an attorney to file for divorce in Wisconsin. If the divorcing spouses want, they can initiate the proceedings without engaging a lawyer. However, a DIY divorce may not be the wisest idea for most couples. A skilled and experienced Wisconsin divorce lawyer can be your trusted aide in ensuring that your rights are safeguarded and that you don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.

When a DIY divorce makes sense

Divorces are often complicated because the separating spouses have a lot to divide and worry about. If you and your spouse have limited or no assets, no children, and have nothing much to decide about, you can go ahead with a DIY divorce easily. However, you may still want to talk to a lawyer to understand if you are doing things right. For simple uncontested divorces, divorce lawyers don’t charge much and may even work on a flat fee. Family law is a complicated subject, but if you are confident enough, you may manage to complete everything without a lawyer.

When hiring a divorce lawyer becomes necessary

There are some circumstances when hiring a divorce lawyer becomes extremely important, including-

  1. You and your spouse don’t agree on crucial things or are not on talking terms
  2. You have considerable marital properties, assets, or debts
  3. You are unfamiliar with the local county procedural rules
  4. You don’t understand your rights
  5. Your spouse doesn’t agree on child custody and child support

DIY divorces can get complex

When you hire a divorce lawyer, they are in charge of every aspect of the case, right from the paperwork to discussing things with your spouse and their attorney. You can also expect the attorney to take care of the procedures so that unwanted mistakes don’t delay the process. DIY divorces often end up getting complicated because people don’t understand how the legal system works. Also, divorce lawyers know the local court staff and judges, and while you cannot expect a direct advantage, the attorney can streamline the process. If it is a DIY divorce, you are responsible for every step, and even small mistakes could lead to serious outcomes.

Thanks to Google, hiring a divorce lawyer in Wisconsin doesn’t have to be complicated. There are also websites like Nolo and Avvo that offer legal resources and a list of local attorneys for different cities. Talk to an experienced attorney to ease the process.

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