How to Choose Chinese 250cc ATVs

When choosing an all-terrain vehicle, many buyers pay attention to 250cc chinese atv. Budget equipment from the Middle Kingdom is suitable for walking, transporting goods and performing household tasks. So why are Chinese ATVs in demand?

Most often, Chinese ATVs are bought for children or teenagers because of the low operational resource. After a couple of years, serious defects appear in the ATV, engine speed decreases, the frame is deformed, etc.

There are more than enough shortcomings of such equipment, but it all depends on the brand. For example, CFmoto all-terrain vehicles can easily compete with Polaris, Russian Mechanics and BRP. Therefore, the buyer needs to figure out which Chinese ATV is the best.

Chinese ATV famous brands

When choosing an all-terrain vehicle, you need to consider not only its cost, but also its quality. Not all ATVs from China are reliable and durable.

Among Chinese manufacturers, the company stands out:

  • cfmoto: The key advantages of the company’s equipment are reliability, durability and build quality. When developing devices, the brand uses American and Japanese components, as well as durable plastic. CFmoto machines successfully compete with Polaris, Arctic Cat and BRP ATVs. But the price of high-quality Chinese bites, for example, X5 HO EPS costs as much as 575 thousand rubles.
  • Bashan. These are ATVs from China that meet all international standards. The company specializes in the development of children’s and teenage devices, but also manufactures adult models.
  • Kazuma. The company has been developing motorcycles for more than 10 years. In the brand’s catalog, the buyer will find Chinese ATVs with all-wheel drive, walking vehicles, utility equipment, children’s and teenage models.

For beginners and riders aged 8 to 18, you can buy a Kayo ATV . The brand develops high-quality and reliable devices for children and teenagers. The key advantages of the technique are reliability and excellent driving performance.

Top Chinese 250cc ATVs

The reliability rating of Chinese ATVs is headed by CFmoto cars. The utilitarian “X” series, which includes X4, X5, X6, X8, is especially popular. The flagships of the company are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable ride: automatic transmission, independent suspension, powerful engine, high-quality brakes, etc. The specifications of the CF Moto X8 are quite impressive. The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty for its equipment. According to the experience of riders, serious problems in CFmoto ATVs appear only after 3-4 years of active use.

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