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Safe and Durable Folding Container House

Folding container house is a kind of new prefabricated house which is different from traditional products. The modular part is 90% factory work, simple tools are needed, such as a wrench, screwdriver, etc.; Ease and speed of installation; flexible design, many layout options for 1 ensuite bedroom, 2 bedrooms, container kitchen, container toilet, container office and multifunctional layer. 

china supplier foldable container house

Why are folding container houses becoming more and more popular with the public in recent years? The volume of the collapsible container after folding is only one-fifth of the total fixed container. One shipping container can fit 6 sets of foldable containers, which can greatly reduce transportation costs and reduce area and storage space. Folding and installation is easy to operate, and only a crane is needed on site, which saves labor and time, can get more economic benefits, and greatly enhance the market competitiveness of the product. In addition, the folding container house has another advantage. The service life of the folding container house is also very long. The service life of a collapsible container house is more than 10 years.

High quality folding container house:

The folding container house is a popular mobile house. With its continuous development, people pay more and more attention. So what is its purpose?

  1. Working hostel. Many construction companies are building in certain areas, and this long-term construction requires the participation of a large number of construction personnel. Collapsible containers are habitable for builders. It can complete construction tasks quickly in limited time, and the quality is stable.

  2. Warehouse. The folding box is used as a temporary warehouse, which greatly solves the problem of the site.

Of course, the foldable box is also suitable for offices, conference rooms, headquarters, dormitories, warehouses, shops, additional rooftop floors and various temporary houses in the fields of construction, railways, highways, water conservancy, oil, trade, tourism and military . Can be used as a permanent building.

Advantages of container-type residential buildings:

  1. It’s fast. The production of modules takes up to 5 days, and the installation of one module takes 2-3 hours. An unprepared person can also assemble a house, like assembling a Lego constructor, but this process will take him more than one day and, in order to avoid installation punctures, this process is always entrusted to experienced craftsmen of our company.
  2. It’s comfortable. Buildings from containers are disassembled into small-sized fragments, their transportation can be carried out without obtaining permits and does not require accompaniment of representatives of state bodies. For a small modular home, one car will be enough for transportation. The standard unit measures 6.2 x 2.48m and the truck is capable of holding up to 120 sq. disassembled container houses.
  3. Reliability. Modulex warrants the residential container frame. The service life is at least 50 years. Modular home design is designed for a large number of assembly and disassembly without compromising the integrity of the modular home and reducing the warranty.
  4. Protection of Nature. The use of environmentally friendly materials has ensured the particular popularity of this type of construction in Western countries, and especially in the United States. The outer layer is made of metal, the inner layer is made of chipboard, and a non-combustible substance is used as a sealant. To build a house from containers according to the project, only non-toxic harmless materials are used.
  5. Functional. Residential buildings made of containers are not inferior to capital buildings in terms of opportunities and comfort. It is possible to choose the thickness of the seal, add modules, disassemble and assemble the structure, which allows you to get indoor comfort regardless of weather conditions.

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