8 Ball Trick Shots Every Player Should Know About

8-ball is one of the most wonderful Billiards games you can play and is quite popular with

people worldwide. It is one of the top games played online for entertainment or rewards and prizes that are readily available with some of the best apps for the game.

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8-ball is a royal game that has come down from kings and queens and settled quite comfortably into the lives of normal players in global clubs. Even in countries that previously did not have access to it is pretty common now, and almost all nations enjoy it in their peculiar fashion. You can also play 8 ball pool game live online by trying out some cool internet apps.

Let’s check out some trick shots you could practice while trying to best yourself in the 8-ball pool game.

Bank Shot

This shot is one of the primary trick shots you must learn in an 8-ball pool game when you’re just starting. For this, the player needs to use the walls on the billiard board to hit the target ball if other balls guard them, and it is not possible to make a direct shot. The cue ball must be angled perfectly to hit the right side of the board and make perfect contact with the ball you intend to hit. Practice bank shots in your spare time to master them and utilize them while facing a real opponent in the match. Power is also essential in this move to get the ideal rebound to hit the ball you intend to pocket.


This shot is made when you need more power to pocket a ball in a difficult position on the board. To make this shot, players need to position their cue stick a bit above the spot they are hitting on the ball so that it rolls forward after being hit straight in that direction. This move allows the ball to gather more acceleration and the right push for the ball to drop in the pocket.

Players must be careful when using this shot as there might be instances where you could pocket the cue ball and the target ball, as after hitting the target ball, the cue ball moves forward in the same direction.


This is the same as the top spin, but the purpose here differs. Players must make this shot when they see a chance of committing a foul after hitting the target ball. This usually happens when the cue ball can only hit the target ball at an angle where it will certainly drop itself in the pocket. To avoid such an outcome, players need to place their cue stick in the direction they want their cue ball to move in so that it does not drift elsewhere after striking the ball. The direction of the target ball is not affected by this, and you can cleverly avoid a foul if there is a chance of committing it.


This same tactic of spinning the ball can be used as a backspin so that the cue ball retracts after hitting the ball, placing it nearer to your previous position so that you can play your next shot without minimal disruption on the board.

Making a backspin or a draw shot is difficult, and you have to learn it by practising the game several times. To make a backspin, you need to hit it close to the base, which is difficult to do on the first go because there is always a chance that you might hit the billiards board. There is also a chance that you might not make it to the ball, and your ball gets drawn back to you much before they reach the target ball. The power and positioning must be perfected to land a backspin every time you hit it.

Draw at Break

This is a clever play that 8-ball players rarely use, so everyone must try it as it is incredibly useful for the professional player and the player who is just beginning to learn the game. The break shot is the first shot that a player makes on the billiards table, and you have to be the one first who does the break to get an advantage with this shot.

For this, the player needs to use a backspin on their ball when making the shot to draw the ball back to them after hitting the balls in the center. This shot allows the player to have a heavy impact on the table and get the comfort zone again to put the rival under pressure as to where to aim once the ball is in the initial stage. With the right power, you can also pocket balls with this shot, so be wise to practice this more often.

Final Words

8-ball pool is a very difficult game to master but quite easy when you are learning it for the first time. Measuring an angle and making the right shot makes an 8-ball pool so challenging and interesting to players who keep returning to enjoy it. Professional players must be constantly at the board to master and learn all the tricks and execute them perfectly within a short time to have a specific impact and invoke fear in their opponents. The more skills you can use defines what sort of a player you are and makes you stand out in the game more than your fellow contemporaries.

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