Exploring The Benefits Of Digital Tools In Restorative Dentistry

Digital dentistry has gained popularity in restorative dentistry san antonio over the past ten years. This advanced technology has changed how dental procedures are performed, allowing dentists to provide more precise and efficient treatments. More and more dental practices in the United States are switching to digital tools to improve patient care, and they are succeeding.

As the name suggests, digital dentistry involves using computers and software instead of mechanical or electrical tools only to carry out dental procedures. This significantly makes the dentist’s work easier by allowing them to pinpoint the problem easily so that they can create a comprehensive treatment plan. 

List of benefits of digital tools in restorative dentistry 

  • Increased accuracy. 

One of the most important and revolutionary benefits of digital tools in dentistry is that it provides unmistakably accurate results. Doctors are, at the end of the day, humans, and humans are sometimes susceptible to errors. However, computerized tools like intraoral scanners and digital X-rays allow doctors to view precise images of the patient’s oral cavity, including the teeth, gums, tongue, etc. 

  • Better patient experience and comfort. 

When patients know they are under the care of a facility that uses the latest dental tools, they experience greater peace of mind. Traditional methods can sometimes be uncomfortable for patients. For example, dental impression techniques to create molds of patients’ teeth can result in gag reflex and other issues. On the other hand, the latest technology can scan their teeth in a few seconds and create an accurate mold. 

  • Less radiation. 

The X-ray devices used in traditional dental offices may raise concerns about exposure to radiation. Many dental patients have expressed their concerns about this specific problem. The typical radiation, even in traditional X-ray devices, is low, but it is understandable why people may be worried. The new technology allows patients to get accurate images with lower doses of radiation. Since you get precise results, you won’t have to undergo several retakes as well. 

  • Faster treatment. 

As is obvious, digital dentistry makes it possible to conduct dental treatments much faster now than ever. Immediate results, real-time imaging, reduced chair time, faster communication, digital impressions taken in minutes, etc. This excludes time-consuming and messy processes. 

  • Saves cost. 

Digital dentistry saves costs for both dental practices and patients. The new technology eliminates the need for impression materials via digital scanning and imaging. Precise and fast results reduce the likelihood of errors during the procedure and the need for retakes, which saves materials and costs. The improved treatment also lowers the risk of complications and the need for additional treatments later.

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