Factors Contributing to The Development of Red Eye

Many people experience redeye once in a while due to various reasons. It is not always a cause for panic; if it is due to an injury or an ongoing eye problem, it is wise to inform your doctor. Also, if your red eye is accompanied by headaches, eye pain, or vision blurriness, inform your Bainbridge Eye Care specialist. The underlying causes of the red eye include the following:


When you expose yourself to allergens like pollen, your immune system stimulates the release of histamines to protect your body against the perceived threat. These histamines can result in eye irritation and inflammation, causing red eyes. Allergic conjunctivitis, an allergy affecting the conjunctiva, is the most prevalent cause of eye redness. This allergy is more common during the hay fever season or any time if you are allergic to indoor allergens like mold. Symptoms of allergic conjunctivitis from one individual to the next, although the signature signs include tearing, swelling, and redness. You may also develop a burning sensation in your eyes.

Dry eyes

Dry eyes are due to the inability of your eyes to secrete enough tears, or they evaporate quickly. This can be due to specific medications, certain health conditions, environmental factors, and aging. When your eyes lack enough tears, they can become inflamed and irritated, resulting in eye redness. The blood vessels in your eye may dilate in response to the inflammation making your eyes appear.


Blepharitis is an eye disorder that causes inflammation of your eyelids. It occurs due to the clogging or irritation of the tiny oil glands in your eyelids. This blockage can be due to skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis, bacterial infections, or allergies. Inflamed eyelids can secrete excess oil and flakes, which can build up in your eyelashes, causing your eyes to appear red and swollen. The blockage in the oil glands can also cause your tears to evaporate quickly, resulting in dry eyes. Additionally, inflamed eyelids can cause the conjunctiva to become inflamed, resulting in pink eye.

Eye injury

Most eye injuries result in subconjunctival bleeding, which occurs when a blood vessel in your eye erupts, causing blood to pool in the space between the sclera and the conjunctiva, which can make your eye appear bright red. Other injuries that can result in eye redness include corneal scratches or abrasions, blunt trauma to your eye, and foreign bodies in your eye. If you experience an injury that causes eye redness, inform your provider immediately to prevent vision loss.

Acute glaucoma

Acute glaucoma is a medical emergency that occurs due to a sudden increase in eye pressure, which can damage your optic nerve resulting in vision loss. This disorder is more prevalent in people with pre-existing narrow drainage angles, preventing the aqueous humor from flowing out of your eye. The accumulation of this fluid causes the pressure in your eye to increase, leading to nausea, severe eye pain, red eye, and headache.

If you have a red eye, call the practice or schedule an appointment online for diagnosis and treatment.

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