Focusing On What You Do Best

Describing What You Do

You’d think that it would be easy to describe what your company does, summarizing your key business activities in a few well-chosen sentences or in a clear diagram or two. It’s not. From the inside of your business looking out, it’s much harder than you may think to push away the everyday details to get at the core of what actually keeps you in business from one day to the next

Comparing different value chains

You can find out a great deal about a company by checking out its value chain: where and how the company creates customer value. Infect, the value chain is a relatively good way to compare and contrast competitors in your own industry. You may even want to use this information to revisit your strategic groups of competitors.

Forging your own value chain

To develop your company’s own value chain – the sequence of activities that you go through in the process of adding customer value to your products and services – you need a list of your company’s capabilities and resources. Take a look at Chapter 8 if you need help.

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Staying in Business

Companies don’t just stay in business year after year by accident. Oh, maybe a manager somewhere gets lucky every once in a while, making a brilliant move without having a clue as to why the move is so brilliant. But that kind of luck never lasts long, especially when the competition is intense. Companies succeed over the long haul because they understand what their customer’s place the most value because they understand what their customers place the most value on, and they translate that knowledge into products and services that consistently meet or exceed customers’ expectations, often at the expense of unsuspecting competitors.Watch online movies here los movies

Focusing on core competence

Your competitive advantage is created in the marketplace. That advantage has everything to do with your customers, with the relative value that they place on your products and services, and with the purchase decisions that they finally make. But what is it about your company that allows you to achieve this competitive advantage? What internal capabilities and resources do you have, and what business activities do you engage in that lead directly to your competitive advantage.More info about Door Locks

Sustaining an advantage over time

Every company that manages to stay in business from one month to every company that manages to stay in business from one month to the next has some sort of competitive advantage and core competence to draw upon; otherwise, it simply wouldn’t be there. But the million-dollar question has to do with how to renew and sustain that competitive advantage over years and even decades. Customers and their needs shift over time, competition gets more intense and industries evolve, so your competitive advantage and the core competence that supports it aren’t guaranteed to stay around. You rent them; you don’t own them. You want to make sure that you keep a long-term lease on both.More info about sorghum

Earmarking Resources

The value chain paints a portrait of your company as your customers see it. Links in the chain reflect the value that customers place on aspects of your products and services. The strongest links capture your competitive advantage in the market and define your core competence as a business. Because the value chain is so good at weighing the importance of the things that your company does, it also comes in handy when you plan how your resources are going to be used.More Movies Download from here Fullmaza 

Lastly Comment

First, we look at ways to organize your company, and develop the procedures and systems that allow you to carry out your plan as efficiently and effectively as possible. Second, we talk about ways to encourage leadership, develop business skills, and create a company culture so that you can achieve your plan. Third, we look at financing your plan and planning to bow out gracefully. Finally, we show you a sample business plan, so that you have a better idea of exactly what lies ahead for your company.More Movies Download from here Starbucks 

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