How to do marketing for musicians in 2022

The music industry is changing. If two decades ago, your agent needed people in MTV and radio stations, now it’s changed. You have platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music. For instance, buy Apple music plays to get better rankings for the track in the app. There are a few tips on how to improve your music marketing in 2022, so let’s get started!

Get personal contacts – perhaps one of the most effective tools in the absence of a budget for promotion in principle. Here, the key role will be played by “crops”: publications in thematic communities, which you agree with the administrators of the public.

The process of audience accumulation in the community of your group in contact must be built in great detail. Here it is important to adhere to strict design and provide exceptionally high-quality content – without 30-second demos and heartfelt stories about adventures at the post-concert party.

Then posts with your band’s releases in the music communities will have the maximum impact. Try non-standard formats – arrange with the administrator of the community (small one) about an interview with your group, record splits with similar bands, make exclusive releases for specific publics.

This will give you the loyalty of the community administration, and, as a result, more opportunities for advertising placements. Generate interesting content.

Instagram – True musician will now scream about how expedient it is for a brutal team to create an account on this social network and post photos with kittens, but denying the obvious can seriously damage your promotional campaign – Instagram has a fairly active and engaged audience, among which there will definitely be fans of the most extreme genres.

The essence is simple – post photos from concerts, rehearsals, backstages, release covers, small videos with your game – and you will find your part of the fans. Don’t forget to write interesting or motivating photo captions.

By the way, using an advertising account on Instagram can be more effective for a musician than, for example, targeting LinkedIn. Instagram ads are better integrated into the user’s feed. It has been observed that many musicians are more successful in generating digital copy sales through Instagram than through other social networks or promotional tools.about more here Y2mate Com 2022

This is primarily due to the fact that it is quite easy to gain followers on this social network and the format for posting content is provided in only a few options, which makes posting easier.

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