The most basic way to play mahjong: Be patient to win big

Mahjong is not only popular in China, but also a game loved by many people in Vietnam and around the world. Although it seems complicated, how to play Mahjong is really not too difficult to grasp if you understand the basic rules of the game. In this article New88 We will explore the detailed rules of this entertainment subject.
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Learn about the game Mahjong

Mahjong, a tile-laying game of Chinese origin, appeared and developed during the Qing Dynasty. Typically, this game is played by four players, but there are also three-player variations in Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Mahjong is known as a game that requires skill and dexterity.

In playing Mahjong, a Mahjong set includes from 136 to 152 cells. Like many other games, Mahjong has many variations. In this game, there are cards that are scored similar to bingo.

Basic rules and how to play Mahjong

To play Mahjong effectively and achieve many wins, you need to clearly understand the rules of this game. Below is some detailed information about the rules and how to play Mahjong for your reference:

Basic Mahjong rules

However, if you understand the rules of the game, you will find it easier to play Mahjong. Below are some basic game rules to give you an overview of how to play Mahjong:

  • Banker: The dealer has 14 cards and the person who plays the first card will be the dealer.
  • Phu: These 14 cards are divided into 4 suits. Each pile includes 3 cards and 1 pair (2 of the same card). Two identical cards in a pile will be counted as a pair.
  • Phuong and Phu Ngang: Among all four Phu Ngang, one Phu Ngan is called Phuong and the other Phu Ngang is called Phu Ngang. They are determined in a fixed order.
  • Floating Tai: Floating Tai is only for Phuong players and cannot be won by other players.
  • Check: Check occurs when a player has three identical cards in hand and one more card is drawn by himself or played by someone else.

Penalty law

Understanding the penalty rules in Mahjong is important so you can play effectively. Below are some rules about penalties in the Mahjong game:

Situations/Rules Describe
Buzzing Wrong The maximum penalty is from 32 to 64 points and the money is divided among everyone in the game.
Nine Military Newspapers If you have nine pieces in a row, you must tell everyone. Then, if you play the same card, you must deal it to the other two players in the game.
Buzzing Run To avoid the situation of “buzzing”, players are only allowed to buzz from 1 to 3 times in a game.
Missing or Excess Cards Mid-Battle If in the middle of a battle you discover that you are short or have an excess of cards, you will not be penalized, but on condition that you continue to play and do not bust.


Instructions for calculating points when playing mahjong

In playing Mahjong, the unit to calculate points when playing Mahjong is Phan and below are instructions on how to calculate points for each game correctly:

Judgment Point Conditions to achieve Judgment points
0 Judgment The hand just meets the criteria for buzzing.
1 Judgment There are characteristics such as 4 pins, the youngest card is the last card, there are Flower cards coinciding with the number of seats, or there are Feng or Check cards with the same door and the same wind.
2 Judge There are characteristics such as 4 Hoa pieces of the same type, the youngest piece is the last piece, there are Feng or Check pieces with the same wind and the same door.
3 Verdict There are features such as 3 Dragon Dragon cards, 3 Wind Wind cards and Buzzing cards of the same type in a row.
6 Judgment There are features such as 4 Wind and Wind cards, small four joys, and you make your own with all the Dragon cards in your hand, and all of the cards in your hand are wind or dragon cards.
8 Judgment There are features such as 4 Wind and Wind cards, and you are flushed with all the honor cards, and all the cards in your hand are either wind cards or dragons.

Revealing factors to keep in mind when playing mahjong

To win big when playing Mahjong, you need to apply a smart strategy and pay attention to the following factors:
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  • Arrange the cards in your hand wisely to create strong decks, even or odd, and try to limit the number of junk cards. This will make it easier for you to buzz.
  • Avoid being greedy and only rush when you are truly confident that you have a strong enough deck to win. Otherwise, you may be fined if you cannot buzz successfully.
  • Keep track of the cards played to determine the probability of cards remaining in the set. This way of playing Mahjong will help you better assess the situation and make the right decisions.
  • Try to observe your opponents and guess their deck. This can help you block your opponents and optimize your chances of winning.

Here are someHow to play Mahjong that we want to share to help you become a wiser player and win bigger in this game. Hopefully this information will help you improve your knowledge and skills when participating in the game of Mahjong.

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