Who will win the 2022 World Cup Golden Boot?

A lot of intrigue awaits us at the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. Bookmakers have already set odds for individual matches, favorites and outsiders of groups. But also, as always, it will be interesting for the fans to watch who will become the top scorer of the World Cup. Bets on these events are accepted by many bookmakers, including

The contenders for the title of the best “sniper” of the World Cup are already known. In this article, we will talk about the winners of the Golden Boot of past World Cups, as well as name the main favorites of the current World Cup.

Who has won the Golden Boot at previous World Championships?

The absolute record holder for the number of goals scored against opponents in one World Cup is the German striker Gerd Müller, who upset his opponents as many as 10 times. Only the Brazilian striker Ronaldo managed to get as close as possible to this indicator, who scored 8 goals at the 2002 World Cup. The rest of the top scorers of the World Cup did not score more than 6 times in the tournament.

At the 1998 World Cup, the Croatian Davor Shuker became the best “sniyeprom” with 6 goals (the Croatian team reached the semi-finals). After 4 years, the aforementioned Ronaldo (8 goals) made a big appendage to the triumph of the Brazilian national team. At the 2006 World Cup, the German Miroslav Klose scored the most (5 goals), and the German team stopped its journey at the semi-final stage. After another 4 years, the German football player Thomas Muller again became the best goalscorer of the World Cup. The German national team also stumbled in the 1/2 finals, and the Bayern striker scored 5 goals.

At the penultimate World Cup, which took place in 2014, Colombian James Rodriez became the most accurate attacking player. Despite the fact that the Colombian team left the tournament already at the 1/4 final stage, Hames scored as many as 6 goals against the opponents. At the last World Cup, Tottenham and England striker Harry Kane was the most accurate. The English reached the semi-final stage, and Kane scored 6 goals in the tournament.

Who will win the Golden Boot at the 2022 World Cup?

One of the main favorites to win in Qatar is the England team, and its top scorer Harry Kane, according to bookmakers, is considered the number one contender for the award for the tournament’s top scorer. If the British can reach the last stages of the World Cup, then the striker, who plays on the edge and is a full-time penalty taker, will certainly be able to compete for the Golden Boot. The odds that Harry Kane will win the scorers dispute is approximately 8.80.

The second contender for a valuable award is Brazil striker Neymar. The Brazilians are considered the main favorites of the World Cup (the odds for the victory of the Pentacampions is about 5.5), and for Neymar, who is in great shape, this is a great opportunity to score the most goals in the tournament. The odds that the Brazilian will become the best goalscorer of the World Cup is approximately 9.60.

The third in the list of contenders for the title of the most accurate striker of the 2022 World Cup is the Frenchman Kylian Mbappe. However, in the French national team, the PSG striker will also have to share scoring action with other attacking players Karim Benzema and Antoine Griezmann, who also traditionally score quite a lot. It is for this reason that the bookmakers put Mbappe only in third place in the race. The coefficient for this event is 9.80.


In fact, we believe that Harry Kane, who is the only and uncontested center forward of the team, has the best chances. In addition, the English game is built in such a way that the partners are constantly trying to deliver the ball into the penalty area for Kane. In the rest of the teams that can go through the tournament bracket to the final stages, there is a scattering of talented forwards in the attack, who will take away effective actions from each other. Therefore, in this matter, we are in full solidarity with the bookmakers and believe that Harry Kane has the most chances for the Golden Boot.

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