Why is My Vape Liquid Turning Brown?

Unlike traditional cigarettes, vapes use different substances that process to operate the device. The substance usually use in a vape is e-liquid which gets heated and processed to make vapour. Many smokers switch to vaping due to factors including smoking addiction, nicotine content, and coolness. This includes both types of vapes, disposable vape as well as reusable vapes.

The nicotine used in vapes is way less harmful than in cigarettes because they use it in liquid form, it is present in its substance known as vape liquid or e-juice. Hence vaping is a safer and wonderful phenomenon which includes ingredients such as vape juice flavours.

Though this makes vaping exceptional, the use of invalid vape liquid changes everything. Whether you have been using the vapes for a long time or recently switched to vaping, you may notice that the e-liquid you left for a few days turns brown. The question raises here is if everything was fine why is it that your vape liquid turned brown.

Reasons: Why Your Vape Liquid Turns Brown:

This is due to the oxidation effect that the vape liquid turns brown in the bottle. An oxidation-related chemical reaction is the cause of the e-internal liquid’s darkening. This is because nicotine is a highly reactive chemical, it can react when exposed to oxygen or even light, giving vape juice that all-too-familiar brown hue.

This is very similar to what happens to apples. If you leave those apple slices out for a while, their white flesh starts to brown a little, then starts to decay. Importantly it happens to liquid in disposable vapes ( like elf bar 600 ) too, regardless of the less quantity of nicotine they contain.

Also, oxidation is a very normal process and should be expected from your e-juice, even if there are low amounts of nicotine. Although, the more nicotine there is the more pronounced the reaction will be, meaning even darker vape juice.

How to Prevent this Situation:

To be honest, there’s no way that you keep your vape liquid safe from this but you can slow down the process. How? You can store your vape liquid in a cool and dry place. If it is exposed to heat and light its colour will immediately become darker.

Storing your e-liquid bottle in a cool and dry place won’t stop the darkening completely, but it helps slow down the oxidation process. Notably, the e-liquid used in the disposable vapes requires the same care as for the other type of vapes.

  • Avoid Agitating Your E-liquid as Much as You Can.

Shaking your juice bottle may help mix the flavours together, but the agitation increases how much oxygen is being absorbed into the vape juice, making it darken faster. By not agitating your e-juice, you can slow down the oxidation process even more. You may do this when your e-juice is in the vape tank, however, this isn’t possible using disposable vapes.

  • Don’t Mix Different E-liquids:

Keep your old and new bottles of the same vape juice apart if you have had both or even one of those for a long time. Mix the e-juices in a different, smaller bottle or container if you must mix them or are using various flavours or brands. By doing this, you can prevent the already-oxidized nicotine from the other juice from infecting the entire fresh bottle.


This happens to many that the vape liquid they use turns to brown colour, but have you wondered why it does happen? A major reason for this is explained in the content mentioned above.

Also this blog not only provides the causes but also the solution if this occurs to your e-liquid regardless of the type of vape, disposable vapes or reusable ones. Therefore in such don’t worry and go through the information given, you will surely get a way to keep the liquid of your device safe for longer.

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