5 Films With An Amazing Twist

We live in a world where everything seems to be fast and busy, and most of us do not find enough time to do things we like. Being in such a situation, we need refreshments the most. Entertainment is like watering the refreshment.

Who does not want to be around entertainment?

There are various sources of entertainment available to us with the emergence of technology. We have so many tools to be entertained, and one of the prominent sources of entertainment is watching movies.

Different people have different choices, and we cannot argue about their choice of people. In terms of choosing the genre of the movies, people become very choosy. This article will itself be entertainment for you as the purpose of it is to deliver you the best movies with unique twists.

Films To Consider With Amazing Twist

There are various films that we can consider because, in the film industry around the world, many directors are providing masterpieces in every era.

The main motive of the film industry is to entertain us, but some of the directors take it too seriously that they give us unexpected plots with loads of twists.

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1. Shutter Island

In the 21st century, if you call it a twist, the first movie poster waves to our eyes the furious face of Leonardo DiCaprio on a blue dreadful lone island. However, you cannot imagine how twisting Shutter Island can be for you with the poster.

The more you watch the movie, the more you will get lost on the island. Two U.S. Marshals will lose their way on an island when they are sent for an investigation of a murderer. There is an asylum on the island, and they will find out a shocking truth about the island.

2. The Usual Suspects

Drama, mystery, crime what is not there in this movie? The Usual Suspects is probably the best movie with a twisted plot. Released in 1995, this movie will still astonish you with its five criminal senses.

The progression of a heist gang of five from a random police lineup is a crazy story to listen to from the lone survivor. A terrible gunfight and the mysterious story created by the famous director Bryan Singer are worth watching.

3. Orphan

If you want a twist with real horror, you can experience that through Orphan. The film was released in 2009, and the director has something fresh to show you in the cinematic world.

This is a story about a little girl who is not as innocent as she seemed at first. A couple has lost their baby and adopted a nine-year-old girl, and they certainly started to discover weird things about her past. The traits of her disturbing personality will be a nail-biting experience for you.

4. The Prestige

If you don’t want to get bored with a rich plot, then you can simply go for The Prestige. It’s a story about the two prestigious magicians and their egos and craving for glory. If you ask to be twisted by movies, how can you ignore the master of twist Christopher Nolan?

A tragedy changed everything in the life of two stage magicians. There is nothing more exciting than experiencing an ultimate illusion. These two magicians will leave everything behind to surpass each other.

5. Se7en

David Fincher showed his best in this movie to deliver the essence of the seven deadly sins. It has shown us how a criminal mind can be more dangerous and clever and educated than a normal mind.

The criminal here is the prime focus who used the seven deadly sins concept one after another by murdering people. On the other hand, the mixture of two detectives, one who is about to retire and another young one who is about to bring justice to a new city, will try to catch the criminal.

To Bid Farewell

When you have free time, go for these movies, and we can assure you about the quality of twists these movies have for you to offer. There will be nothing more important at the time of watching these movies once you start.

What are you waiting for?

Go and watch the movies and come back with your honest reviews!

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