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Blog 11- Inspiring Bookshelf Design For Your Home Library

A book plays an important role in the life of bookworms, as it is a storehouse of information and knowledge. Every book plays a distinctive role and defines one’s personality. Likewise, every bookshelf design also tells an individual, a unique story and adds to the appearance of the room. Having a clever bookshelf design means saving space in the room while keeping the books organized. If you are planning to buy a new bookshelf or organize your pile of novels to recreate your home library, we have rounded up a list of the best bookshelf designs to consider.

1.Simple wall bookshelf:

If you love simplicity and elegance, the bookcase design that is a straight shelf-like library on the wall to stack books in compartments will form a royal design to the space. All you need is a sturdy and strong flat surface for the books and you can obtain the shelf design with the help of your local vendor. Since this type of shelf goes well with any room, create a statement with an array of shelves surrounding the tv unit, a closed design with glass in your workspace, or a floating wall hanging design to accentuate your empty wall. 

2.Bookshelf as bedroom décor:

How cozy would it be to grab your favorite book with little effort and curl up in the blanket to have a good read? You can easily do this while you keep your books organized and the room uncluttered by making the bookshelf a part of your bedroom décor. Moreover, a bookshelf is like a representation of your life’s achievement, aspirations, knowledge, and personal development, and can shape into a real décor statement in the bedroom. 

3.Staircase bookshelf:

If uniqueness attracts you the most, how about using your pathway for storing your books? Put your staircase to work other than using it for running to and fro by storing books under the steps, creating shelves on each interval of the staircase, or preserving them along the staircase walls. Whether covered, racked, modular or shelved, it will help you to use the space in a quirky way by giving your home an eccentric look. 

4.Tree of knowledge bookshelf as wall décor:

If trending home décor and utility items appeal to you, having a modern tree of the knowledge-shaped bookshelf is going to add signs of wisdom to the living space. The branch-like shelves give the freedom to place the books open, standing, face down or freestyle. Consequently, with such bookshelf designs, you can create different variations of design to make it a beautiful wall décor while having a dedicated space for the precious books. 

5.Modern open shelf:

While simple maybe is cliché, having an open bookshelf idea is nothing but a perfect way to have unprecedented access to the books, as everything is on the face. Whether created in an I-shaped design or angular, open shelves help one display decorative pieces along with books to create a decorative corner for the room. If you wish to be experimental, having a glass door bookshelf with drawers or adding a coffee bar to the shelf is not a bad idea. 

6. A corner:

If you have an underutilized corner of the room, it’s time to use it by building an ‘A-shaped’ bookshelf into it. You will not just utilize the corner effectively, rather you will create an out-of-the-box design for the room that’s easily accessible and becomes the highlight of the wall. 

Whichever design you choose, you will design a decorative accent cum utility shelf to display the books effectively and beautifully. 

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