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Success Strategies in an Era of Volatile Construction Pricing

As you may have heard in the news, the construction sector, like many others, is suffering extreme inflation and price volatility. In addition, 2021’s costs were 23.5% higher than 2019’s pre-pandemic costs, illustrating the severity of the impact of the previous two years on demand and all levels of material supply chains.

The instability of commodity prices (timber, steel, copper, and concrete) and the continual price increases of other items (appliances, worktops, tile, sheetrock, etc.) are causing homeowners, builders, and trades a great deal of annoyance and distress. From snags in the global supply chain, increased demand, and labour shortages to geopolitical instability and environmental setbacks, it looks that the factors that have led to this price fluctuation and inflation will continue for the foreseeable future.

What does this mean for your next custom home or renovation? This essay provides guidance for managing the present period of volatile construction prices. Trusted Local Builders Bigastro – Build Works

TIP No. 1: Collaborate with an experienced and reliable builder

As challenges with the supply chain persist, seasoned bespoke builders such as us have been able to weather the storm thanks to careful planning and enduring industry connections.

Establish a trustworthy connection with your custom builder as soon as possible in the process of building or renovating your custom home. This will ensure that your financial goals remain front and centre throughout the first phases of the process (architectural design and pre-construction) and the building phase of your project. In order to effectively guide the design of your custom house or the scope of your renovation, your custom builder may and should conduct pricing exercises and develop a tentative construction budget early on in the process. Due to their personal familiarity with pricing patterns in their industry, builders may assist you “value-engineer” your plan by recommending alternate materials and techniques when the price of a certain commodity is astronomically high.

Moreover, bespoke builders with established ties with subcontractors and suppliers are likely to receive price and scheduling priority in this labour-scarce climate. As a result of knowing they can rely on experienced, high-quality, and well-managed builders for future work, subcontractors and suppliers are more likely to avoid panic pricing that exceeds what present market conditions warrant. Moreover, builders that have good ties with several subcontractors and suppliers may rely on them to obtain multiple quotes for all main cost categories in your budget, guaranteeing that you receive reasonable pricing for your project.


Your bespoke builder should lock in prices as soon as feasible and to the greatest extent possible. This implies that it is in the best interest of homeowners to sign their building contract and pay their deposit as soon as possible so the builder may hire as many subcontractors and vendors as possible. Some trades will not permit us to lock in pricing until we are ready to deliver, while others will. Sometimes, the commitment that a signed proposal gives to a sub-vendor is sufficient for builders to lock in price early. In order to lock in as much price as possible, it is crucial that your builder be organised and aggressive enough to review bids early, verify their accuracy and completeness, and sign them promptly.

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In addition, your custom builder should place orders for items whose supply chains are suffering significant disruptions (appliances, windows/doors, HVAC equipment, beams/trusses, etc.) MUCH sooner than they would under normal market conditions. Lack of organisation on the side of your builder might delay your building timeline by weeks or months, which will cost them – and you – a significant amount of money.


We recognise that we are repeating ourselves on this point. Early selection is crucial. The more design decisions you make during the architectural design phase, the more precise your specifications and plans will be, more the precise your original budget would be, the quicker your construction company will be able to lock in pricing and place orders, and the less stressful your experience will be overall. In addition, if you make your decisions early, your builder will be able to create a complete and accurate building budget, which will provide you with much-needed financial predictability and security.


In this era of extraordinary and unpredictable price volatility, it is imperative to have many backup plans. During the selecting process, do not lose sight of the various design finishes you liked. Have your interior designer maintain track of your top two choices for particular finishes (e.g., plumbing fittings, countertop materials, etc.), so that you may switch to Option B if the price of Option A exceeds your budget. This is especially beneficial for items that are facing both price increases and increased wait times due to supply chain concerns (appliances, some plumbing fixtures, materials imported from particular countries, etc.).

#5 TIP: Plan for cost overruns

In this period, strive to plan your custom house or restoration project with a smaller scope than your budget allows. In other words, base your initial house plan or remodelling scope on a budget that is smaller than your spending flexibility. Instruct the builder to incorporate a significant contingency in your budget, so that any inevitable price rises during construction won’t derail your project or blow your entire budget.

This is a bitter pill to take, but it will avoid much sorrow and anxiety. No one can correctly foresee the price swings of hundreds of building supplies throughout the construction of your home, especially in the current economic climate. A healthy budget and a builder who analyses and manages that budget proactively will make all the difference.https://buildworks.es/building/orihuela-costa/

TIP #6: Remain optimistic

Every event in life may be made more pleasant by making a concerted effort to remain optimistic. The custom homebuilding and remodelling processes can be arduous and stressful at times, but with the appropriate partners and a consistent dose of trust, optimism, and good humour, you can overcome obstacles swiftly and successfully.

We believe that these success suggestions will make it simpler to navigate this age of inflation and volatility. The most important piece of advice we can give is to select the appropriate team for your property. Strong cooperation between you, your architect, interior designer, and custom builder will not only result in the house of your dreams, but also in a pleasant experience and long-lasting connections.

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