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E-Drive Innovation – The Next Step For Electric Commercial Vehicle Development

What is the next big step for electric commercial vehicle development? Increasing demand for environment-friendly, power-dense e-motors and inverters have fueled business development in the electric vehicle industry. Additionally, legislative restrictions and goals for sustainable supply have driven innovative e-motor and e-drive system design. The next major step is to incorporate advanced battery technology and other advanced features into freight vehicle architectures.

While OEMs have made great strides in developing EVs, the market remains a big challenge. The EV industry is still experiencing growing pains, particularly with their supply chains and bottom-line results. Meanwhile, long-term cost trends continue to decline. As a result, solutions for OEMs will need to be bolder and reliant on collaboration among suppliers, fleets, and new design thinking.

The Chinese auto industry has made great strides in electrification. In 2018, EV sales in the country were 51 percent, three times the size of the US and European markets. However, the Chinese government has recently announced plans to end subsidies to EVs, making the country’s EV market brittle beyond 2020. The EV market in China is expected to remain strong, but there are several hurdles ahead.more info here louis vuitton

The European EV market experienced a moderate growth, indicating mixed results at the country level. Norway is far ahead of the other markets, with a share of around 2 percent. Larger markets have the lowest EV market share, with the largest shares in the Nordic countries. However, this share is likely to grow, especially as CO2-emission regulations become tighter. The E-drive model is a screening tool, and it will assist with the identification of suitable charging infrastructure locations.More Info About Cubita Now

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