Frequently Asked Questions in Online Betting Soccer

Nowadays, participating in betting has become a popular form of entertainment, attracting a large number of players. This attraction mainly comes from the ability to make big profits when winning in betting. However, around betting issues, there are many questions that players often ask. Below is a compilation of common questions bookmaker New88 often seen from the soccer betting community, and we will explore these things together through the article.
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Frequently asked questions when participating in online betting

Do I have to pay a fee to create a soccer betting account?

  • Once you create an account on a betting site, the process is usually completely free. Costs only arise when you decide to deposit money into your account to start betting.

Is online betting safe?

  • New players are often concerned about safety when participating in online betting. In fact, online betting is highly safe, especially when you join reputable bookmakers in the Vietnamese market. Your personal information is absolutely protected, minimizing the risk of being controlled by authorities.

Betting account registration process at bookmakers

To make it easier for players to start participating in soccer betting, most bookmakers require some basic information from you during the account registration process. The most important thing is to enter personal information accurately, making it easy to verify your account and avoid problems in transactions with the house.

In addition, most reputable bookmakers in the Vietnamese market today have integrated convenient payment methods such as Vietcombank, ACB, SACOMBANK… This helps make the betting transaction process between you and the house more convenient. much simpler. The time needed to complete transaction procedures can last from 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the specific regulations of each bookmaker.

How many accounts can a player create?

The number of betting accounts each player can create is limited. Each bookmaker usually only accepts a single account from each player. In case a player is discovered to own multiple accounts, the house will request verification and may lock unused accounts.

Can I create multiple betting accounts?

To answer the above question, the answer is yes. You can absolutely register multiple accounts at different bookmakers. This helps you choose a bookmaker with a high payout rate and monitor the difference in odds between business units. However, each bookmaker only allows you to use one phone number and one personal email to create a single account. Normally, if you create an account but are inactive for about 1-2 weeks, the dealer may delete your account if you have not made a deposit.

What games can a betting account participate in?

Each online betting account at the bookmaker allows players to participate in a variety of betting games such as Casino, card games, Poker, Slot Games and sports games such as football betting, soccer betting. basketball, volleyball, or 3D games like fish shooting.
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Why do I need to deposit money into my account before betting?

Similar to betting in real life, players need to deposit money in advance to ensure their reputation. When you win, the money will be transferred to the personal account you registered with when registering.

Is personal data secure?

Personal information of players at reputable bookmakers is considered confidential. Bookmakers are committed to ensuring the safety of players’ personal information during transactions, stored on top security systems.

How do I know if there are promotions?

Promotions from the house are often notified to players via email or customer service. Another means is to directly access the house’s website to update the most detailed information about promotions.


Here is a summary of some common questions about online soccer betting. Hopefully, through this information, players can better understand this No. 1 entertainment field. Come on bookmaker New88 and start your betting journey today!

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