Here Are Essential Facts You Should Know About a Dental Exam

Get up, brush your teeth, floss them, and there you have achieved your daily routine for clean oral health. However, you may need more than your regular cleaning schedule to maintain maximum oral health. At the Orlando Center For Cosmetic Dentistry, you can benefit from a comprehensive dental exam Orlando to improve your regular cleaning and flossing.

Professional dental exams can help screen for dental issues like tooth decay and oral cancer and recommend necessary steps to eliminate them. Read the discussion below to learn more about dental exams.

When Do You Need A Dental Exam?

Your dentist will usually recommend a regular dental exam every six months. However, your visits may be more frequent if you have swollen and bleeding gums and gum diseases that require medical attention. Frequent dental exams can help prevent periodontitis which can cause tooth infection and eventually lead to tooth loss. The same appointment will apply to your child and may be more frequent if your child shows developmental oral health issues.

What Will Happen During A Dental Exam?

Your usual dental exam may include professional cleaning, dental X-rays, and an oral checkup from your dentist. You can learn about the procedures you may undergo in the following discussion.

Dental Cleaning

You will sit in a large chair with a bright overhead light above you. Your dentist will then clean your teeth using special dental tools and scrape your teeth to remove tartar and plaque. Your dentist will then floss your teeth and brush them with an electric toothbrush. Lastly, your dentist will apply a protective gel to prevent tooth decay which may cause cavities.

Dental X-Rays

You will likely have imaging tests to show gum diseases, cavities, bone loss, and dental problems that your dentist may not see by looking inside your mouth. During the X-ray, your dentist will place a thick covering over your chest to protect you from radiation and then have you bite down on a piece of plastic. Next, your dentist will place a scanner to take a picture of your mouth and repeat the process while you are biting with different areas of your mouth to check for cavities.

Dental Checkup

Your dentist will check your previous X-rays for cavities and other dental concerns and then observe your teeth and gums to check if they are healthy. Your dentist will also check your bite for problems and refer you to an orthodontist. Lastly, your dentist will check for oral cancer and recommend necessary treatment.

Are There Risks To Dental Exams?

Generally, there will be little risk to a dental exam. Although the cleaning procedure may be uncomfortable, it is usually not painful. Also, dental X-rays are safe because the radiation doses are low but may not be recommended for pregnant women.

Taking care of your oral health will ensure you have a healthy mouth and may include regularly brushing your teeth and maintaining good dental habits. However, your dentist may recommend regular exams to help detect oral health issues like gum diseases and tooth decay that may lead to tooth loss. 

You will need frequent exams if you already have serious dental issues that require medical attention. A dental exam has little risk but may be uncomfortable. A procedure like dental X-rays is also safe but will not be good if you are pregnant.

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