How to bet on CS:GO

A significant part of the eSports market is occupied by bets on CS:GO matches. This multiplayer game, jointly developed by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment, is the latest in the Counter-Strike 3d shooter series. Here we will talk about betting on CS:GO.

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What is CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS:GO, was released in August 2012. The first information that its development is planned appeared a year earlier, in August 2011.

The first major CS:GO championship to bet on took place on the second anniversary of the release, in August 2014. The prize fund of the ESL One Cologne tournament was 250 thousand dollars, the main prize of one hundred thousand went to the Swedish team Ninjas in Pajamas.

Game principle

The essence of the game is to confront two factions in several rounds. One group is conditional terrorists, the other is counter-terrorists. Weapons and a game map are selected at the request of the players.

To win a round, you need to complete a certain mission. This could be, for example, rescuing hostages or detonating a bomb. Or the destruction of all the characters of the opposing team.

The game comes down to confrontation between terrorists and counter-terrorists.

The game has a developed system of achievements related to weapons, killing characters, winnings on official game cards.

Bets on CS:GO

Thanks to the growth in popularity of esports competitions in recent years, many companies have appeared on the Internet offering to place a bet or buy a match prediction. Some offices offer to bet both real money and in-game items

Most of the bookmakers practicing in eSports work with the following types of bets:

  • On the result of the entire match, one or more individual rounds.
  • For the championship winner.
  • For the winners of the tournament.
  • For the first flight. One of the teams is always eliminated from the championship before the others.
  • On the performance of a particular player

In general, the types of bets depend only on the imagination of a particular bookmaker. In some specialized companies, you can bet, for example, on the first shot, the first character killed, the number of artifacts found, etc.

Live betting on CS:GO

One of the features of eSports is the rapid development of events in a match. Therefore, many bookmakers offer increased rates for such competitions. In turn, experienced betters have a good opportunity to earn.

Betting on CS:GO in “live mode” has a number of advantages:

  • You can visually assess the shape of the cyber teams and their readiness for this match.
  • You can choose a favorite. Professional teams take part in major championships, and sometimes it is impossible to find out a potential winner in absentia, according to statistics and other indicators.
  • You can refine and adjust your bets as the match develops.
  • You can determine the most productive player in a match or duel and make a more profitable bet.
  • Some championships are broadcast on TV or Internet channels. If you do not have access to the official broadcast, some organizations offer “presence effect”. To be in the game itself and watch the action from there, just download Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on your computer and connect to certain servers that the meeting organizer indicates on his official website. Such “presence in the game” allows you to better evaluate the tactics of the team, players, equipment and, ultimately, make a more balanced bet on the result.

Requirements for betting players

Due to the fact that eSports betting is officially prohibited in some countries, in order to bet on CS: GO, you must go through registration and data verification. To continue playing on bets, the better must present to the representative of the company documents proving his identity, age and country of residence.

In countries where there is no direct ban on eSports, everyone has the right to bet. It is enough to reach the age of 18 and fill out the registration form. When withdrawing winnings, you will have to send a scan of your passport. Otherwise, cyberbets differ little from traditional sports betting: select the desired section, tournament, amount, click and wait with bated breath.

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