Is a Screen Magnetic Door Worth It

When you are looking to make domestic improvements to your home, there happens to be one easy upgrade to consider that won’t require that you hire electricians, plumbers, or real estate remodelers. You can put retractable screens on your existing doors with magnetic screens. These doors feature screen magnetic door hardware that offer an easy in-and-out user experience for homeowners or rental tenants that must follow strict limitations put in place by their landlords. But let’s give you reasons why magnetic screen doors are not just worth considering but also bringing into your home to make use of.

Decorate Your Doorways

After spending long periods of time at home to protect ourselves from the 2020 global pandemic, it became fairly routine to move from the bed to the bathroom, to the kitchen to eat, to the computer to communicate and get informed, and back to the bedroom again to get some rest at night. How often do we simply move through the openings in our homes without ever giving any of it much thought?

After being forced to become extremely familiar with our living spaces, why not go the extra step and add some attractive elements to our rooms? For a fashionable way to make your doorways more decorative, you can add retractable screen doors to customize these passways in your home. Screen magnetic doors seamlessly move back into their protective housing when not in use. By opting for the screen magnetic door latch hardware, your screen doors will benefit from a more secure and simple closure option.

Also, purchase a magnetic door curtain that gives you the option to have it up on all your doorways all year round if you want. This requires picking one that has reinforced edges and heavy-duty mesh with a higher thread count than cheap alternative screens,

Picking Between Standard Sliding Doors and Magnetic Screen Doors

Standard sliding retractable screen doors may be the most well-known type for homeowners, but that doesn’t mean they are the only option to pay attention to. These screen doors are installed across the top and bottom tracks horizontally in order to make it possible for them to easily slide open and close. They provide homes with protective mesh and help maintain the design integrity of the user’s doors.

But retractable screen doors aren’t limited to sliding doors, and you still can have the choice to open and close them in the way that suits you best. Retractable screen doors can also be purchased with a magnetic closure to make them even easier to open than their more traditional sliding door screen counterparts.

The magnetic screen latch uses a magnetic strip that contains a set of strong magnets that are placed vertically down the middle of the pair of panels of mesh. This magnetic screen latch is very user-friendly and makes it possible for kids, adults, and even pets, to be able to just walk right through in order to open the retractable doors. Avoid other screens that only come with 18 magnets or less and get one that includes 26 powerful magnets in order to equip yourself with the best seal and closure.

Easy Installation

Measure your door to make sure it is around 38 x 82 inches or less, then wipe the door frame to make sure that it is clean. All the magnets in the middle seam need to be connected to close the screen door. Hold up the screen door to the top of the door frame and make sure that it sits ¼ inch above the floor. Hemming will be needed if the screen hangs below the door frame. There should be thumbtacks provided in order to hang onto wooden doors and the hook and loop tape for metal and aluminum doors.

Once your magnetic screen doors are up and operational, you will be able to enjoy passing through these doorways and having the magnetic door automatically attach back into place in order to close properly and protect your home from dirt and pests right away, without any extra effort on your end.

Aside from the ease of use, retractable screen doors can also be customized to perfectly fit your personal home needs. Consider the locations where you will be placing your doors. Are they highly exposed to sunlight, wind, or insects? These would be good areas to reduce these elements with a magnetic screen.

Durability and Maintenance 

As warm weather progresses, your home becomes more likely to keep more doors open to enjoy the spring, summer, and early autumn. Screen doors with magnetic latches will optimize your day-to-day use while also keeping out the debris, insects, and damaging UV sun rays.

It is good to know that you can get yourself a magnetic screen door that is ideal for patio doors, sliding doors, single doors, and RV doors and even comes with a written instruction manual and a video tutorial guide if you need extra assistance.

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