Martingale Betting – Instructions on How to Bet Martingale

Hit quickly is a betting strategy loved by many people because of its attractive profit potential. However, to use Double Fold effectively and safely, players need to clearly understand the principles and be thoroughly prepared. This article will guide you through the steps to implement the full Folding strategy to ensure success when betting.

Explain the term double play

Folding, also known as Martingale, is a simple but effective betting strategy. The core principle of double betting lies in doubling your bet after each loss. When winning, the player will return to the original bet.

The key point of Folding lies in patience and discipline. Players need to follow the betting principles consistently, not be swayed by temporary wins or losses. Thanks to that, you can optimize profits when winning and limit risks when losing.

Not only that, this strategy opens up the opportunity to receive rewards many times higher than the initial bet. Thanks to that, players can significantly increase their capital after just a few lucky bets.

In particular, double betting is most effective in consecutive winning streaks. The longer the winning streak, the greater the profit, giving players the ultimate feeling of sublimation.

However, folding also has potential risks that cannot be overlooked. The biggest risk is exceeding your financial capacity. Continuously doubling your bet after each loss can lead to excessive losses, even losing your entire bet.

Furthermore, Folding requires extreme patience and discipline. Players need to maintain their nerves of steel in the face of consecutive losses, not get discouraged or increase their bets hastily.

Origin of folding

When talking about famous betting strategies in casinos, we cannot ignore double betting, a method full of potential but also fraught with many risks. This strategy has a long history, associated with the name of a brilliant mathematician and his spectacular journey to conquer the casino. 

Double betting has a history originating from France. The father of this strategy is Henry Martingale, a talented English mathematician. He is considered a pioneer in applying mathematical probability methods to the field of betting, opening a new era for the world of gambling.

From French casinos, the folding method quickly spread throughout the world and became a favorite strategy of many players. Currently, at New88, Asia’s leading reputable online betting house, Folding is also widely applied and brings interesting experiences to participants.
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Instructions on the steps to play a reputable card game

Although there are certain advantages and disadvantages, double betting is still the top candidate for experts to choose in their betting journey:

Step 1: Choose a reputable bookmaker to bet 

In the age of advanced technology, there are many attractive online betting playgrounds with countless interesting games and huge profit potential calling you. However, before participating in this exciting playground, the first step is to choose a reputable house. This is a solid foundation for you to experience with peace of mind and increase your chances of winning.

Among the hundreds of bookmakers operating in this field, New88 Proud to be the ideal destination for those who are passionate about betting. With more than 10 years of experience and possessing a legal operating license, New88 Committed to giving players absolute peace of mind about credibility and transparency.

Step 2: Choose a battlefield

Double betting can be used in most types of betting from sports, card games to casinos, etc. However, with each different game, their uses also change somewhat. According to the experience of experienced bettors, Baccarat, Roulette,… are popular choices with high winning rates and are the easiest to apply this method.

Step 3: Determine the goal to conquer

Next, players need to choose a single bet and be consistent with their choice throughout the betting journey. To increase the return rate and win quickly, players should research and analyze carefully before making the final decision.

Step 4: Apply the principle of folding

Finally, the player places a bet according to the following formula:

  • First game: Divide your bet into several parts and start with a sufficient amount of money.
  • Winning hand: After each win, return to the original bet level.
  • Losing hand: Double the bet amount for the next hand.

Specific examples:

  • Game 1: You bet 10,000 VND on door X and win -> Return to bet 10,000 VND for game 2.
  • Game 2: You lose -> Double your bet to 20,000 VND for game 3.
  • Game 3: If you win, go back to betting 10,000 VND for game 4. If you lose, double the bet to 40,000 VND.

When is the best time to fold?

In general, double betting is not too complicated but cannot guarantee absolute victory, especially when you do not know the golden times to use this strategy below:

When players hold large capital

The core principle of double betting lies in doubling your bet after each loss. Therefore, to pursue this strategy safely, you need to prepare abundant capital. Possessing large capital helps you afford to pay for consecutive losing bets without affecting your personal finances.

When the player has enough perseverance

Rushing requires great perseverance and faith. Players need to adhere to the chosen betting principles, not be swayed by temporary losses or be discouraged and give up midway. Being consistent with your strategy will help you increase your chances of winning when a winning streak begins to appear. 

When the mind is comfortable and alert

Betting requires alertness and psychological stability. When you feel stressed, worried or tired, stop playing and take some time to rest to regain your spirit. Making the decision to double when your mentality is not good can lead to wrong choices and affect the betting results.

Once you have a complete and reasonable betting plan

A smart gambler will not rush into bets without careful preparation. In addition to understanding how to fold, determine the maximum amount of money you can accept to lose in a day/week/month and divide your bet capital into each bet. At the same time, don’t forget to track the details of winning/losing bets to evaluate tactical effectiveness and adjust accordingly at each time as well as summarize experience for upcoming bets.


Double betting is a simple but extremely useful betting strategy. However, to use it successfully, the player Neu88 You need to choose the right time and strictly follow the betting rules. That way, you can turn this method into a powerful weapon in your tactical arsenal!

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