Signs of an Emotionally Abusive Husband

Abuse can come in various forms like emotional, sexual, and physical. Sometimes, people do not even realize that they are in an emotionally abusive relationship. Knowing if your husband is emotionally abusive and, if yes, what should your course of action be?

Abusive people can also be dangerous to the people living with them and themselves. If you think your husband is becoming emotionally abusive, contact a Massachusetts divorce attorney today and take the necessary action against them. 

Having an emotionally abusive partner is not only harmful to you but also your children. Most abusive people become fragile to their emotions and cannot be trusted with other’s life. So below are some signs of an emotionally abusive husband; if your notice your spouse, action should be taken immediately.

  • Control and isolation

Your husband may start to control your life and social choices like whom you can meet and how long you can hang out with someone. It can also be followed by constantly watching your social media, texts, and calls. They may keep you away from your family and friends by using jealousy as armor against their abuse.

If your husband is turning emotionally abusive, he will not like you meeting other people or talking to them. There are chances that they will completely isolate you from everyone around you and later might convert into other forms of abuse.

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  • Stonewalling

Stonewalling is another form of emotional abuse where they will ultimately give you the silent treatment. They won’t speak to you for days or weeks if something upsets them. They will not answer your question, not respond to your conversation, not make eye contact with you, or show a total disregard for your feelings. All Movies HD Download free from here DVDPlay

  • Withholding emotions

Withholding emotions means that someone is trying to display their anger without expressing any emotions about it. This might creates anxiety in the other person as getting no response from their partner can be unsettling.

It also might make the other peon feel less or less worthy of the love, lonely, and isolated.

  • Love bombing

If your partner bombards you with lots of gifts and compliments, please be careful. While it is a lovely gesture and will make you feel loved, it can also be used later to manipulate you into doing things you do not want to do. 

Love bombing is often after an intense rage displayed by your partner for no apparent reason. Showering you with gifts and compliments after an extreme reaction can turn toxic with time, and you might start developing anxiety or depression.

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