The relationship between sports and music from the perspective of prominent Iranian singer Alireza Kiarashi

Man needs stimuli and motivations to continue his daily life, and these stimuli can be: family, future, service to others, academic progress, becoming famous, enjoying life, etc.

However, this issue also applies to sports topics, and an athlete always needs some stimuli and motivations in order to avoid discouragement and monotony in sports. These motivations can include the presence of friends and family at the place of exercise, participation in competitions and championship podiums and also the presence of interesting and diverse spaces in the club environment, including swimming pools and hypermarkets, etc. Now we go to one of the most important and attractive sports stimuli during training, which is music.

How does music help sports activities?

Music usually helps sports and sports activities in four ways.

First, listening to music during exercise makes you forget how tired you are from exercise and this important point over time will strengthen the athletes’ tirelessness and ultimately increase their better performance. This point is very important during the peak training of a professional athlete.

The second factor of listening to music increases the level of motivation of a person and greatly stimulates the positive spirit of a person, both during training and during competitions. This important point increases the efficiency and function of the nervous system of the muscles and, as a result, obtains better results.

The third factor, Music increases the range of movements of muscles and joints due to the characteristic of giving rhythm to the body and as a result, stretching and blood supply to the muscles is done in a better way. This important over time increases the flexibility and muscle building of the athlete.

Fourth, in relation to the previous point, the rhythmic characteristics of music imitate the patterns of physical skills. Therefore, music can increase the acquisition of movement skills and create a better educational environment.

Choose the right music

Music is often considered a unique source of motivation and inspiration in sports and training of athletes. One of the most important points to remember is that musical taste is actually a very personal matter, and for this reason advice on choosing the type of music has been avoided because it is entirely up to the individual to decide. However, now you should be more aware of the factors that make listening to music more valuable in sports. It is very important what kind of music can help to increase the efficiency and performance of the athlete.

Alireza Kiarashi says that in general, happy music can increase a person’s endurance in sports by creating excitement.

Ideally, it is better to use calmer sports music to warm up. These music have a tempo of about 120-126 BPM.

By starting the main movements of the sport, you can use faster sports music according to your type of activity. Since music directly affects the speed of your movements, it should be appropriate to the sports activity. For example, for working with weights or aerobic exercise, music with a tempo of 128-135 BPM is suitable.

To chill or relax you can use much softer music. That is, a tempo of less than 100 BPM.

Listening to music at a very low volume does not have much effect on a person’s performance, and a loud sound can distract a person’s mind from exercising and not have the necessary concentration, so the way to adjust the volume of the music is also very important.

At the end

In the science of training, whenever we talk about the factors affecting the performance of athletes, psychological factors have a special place. Psychological factors are so important that during the preparation of professional athletes, psychologists teach them psychological techniques. Therefore, to have regular and useful exercise habits, you must be in a good mood. In today’s stressful world, it is difficult to maintain morale and mental health. One of the factors that can maintain your spirit level for sports is sports music.

Appropriate sports music does not have a specific definition and is more related to people’s taste. By finding music suitable for your type of activity and mood, you can have positive effects on your sports performance.

Sports music can increase your motivation before exercise. During exercise, it can delay fatigue and increase motor coordination. And at the end, a good workout can help you relax and recover.

So remember to prepare a playlist of your favorite sports music before starting a long workout.

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