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Today people around the world call different wars barbarian invasions. Though for some sorts of society some wars are different. Some should pay more attention to the invasion and some people just don’t want to see the real circumstances. though, everybody kept silent and was waiting for the Chinese decision about Taiwan. Might be strange but the USA is already waging war against China, even though people don’t die there from the bullets. You need to be really lucky to survive in such wars. Also, you can test your luck at online casino slots and try to win your first jackpot. 

The Conflict 

     Losing in a different sphere is not a great feeling. It doesn’t matter if it goes about sports or games or economics. The last purpose caused the financial wars. At the moment, only six countries determine the trends in innovations and technologies of the segment.

     The largest manufacturers of technological equipment, semiconductors, computers, components, and electronics. The USA obtains 45.4% of the world market. China owns 21.9% of the market. Taiwan has 12.9%. Japan possesses 8.5%. South Korea has 2.7% and the Netherlands owns2 %/. Together account for almost 94% of global production in the Technology Hardware & Equipment segment.Click here for more Wet Wipes

     All of this is about trends. In 2013, China accounted for 8.3% of global Technology Hardware & Equipment sales, increasing its share every year. In 2014 it was already 12.6%, and in 2015 – 16.6%, and by 2018 the share increased to 19.2%, which became a sensitive expansion, a zone of intolerance for the United States. After the redline, the US stepped up the protocol of “forced containment” and the elimination of China’s technological advantage.

     It was not possible to liquidate, the share of China continues to increase, but at a significantly slower pace – 20.7% in 2019 and 21.9% in 2020.

     Everything that is happening between China and the United States is an economic war for technological leadership.

Industrial Research

      The data comes out with a big delay. There is a total research grant of 6.4 million, whereas the EU funds 4.8 million. In the report of the 2500 largest global companies from 2013 to 2020 on 6 indicators (revenue, operating profit, R&D expenses, employment, and capitalization). The database can be found on the European Commission’s official website.

     The only thing that is understandable is that the crisis that all politicians are talking about is created with their own hands.  Unfortunately, till they keep pointing at different manufacturers telling them what is right and what is wrong there won’t be any peace.

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