Top 3 Museums in Columbia, SC

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In addition to giving locals a sense of cultural identity, museums give visitors an understanding of the history of the location they are visiting. The Columbia museums are no exception. The Columbia region is home to the state’s only presidential site, a display of the region’s first European settlements, and a museum that chronicles the history of military training at the biggest training facility in the nation. Visit the greatest museums in Columbia to learn, stay for the entertainment, and take advantage of the air conditioning. Read on for the top 3 museums in Columbia, SC.

1.EdVenture Children’s Museum

The largest children’s museum in the Southeast of the United States is called EdVenture, and it is situated in Columbia, South Carolina. Only The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, the biggest children’s museum in the world, is bigger than it. In 2003, EdVenture opened to the public. Of the overall 92,000 square feet, 40,000 square feet are used for display galleries, labs, and visitor amenities. Just outside the museum’s entrance is a second outdoor gallery space of 7,000 square feet. On the first level of the museum, there is a statue of “Eddie” that kids can climb into to learn about human anatomy. Near the South Carolina State Museum in midtown Columbia, at 211 Gervais Street, is where you’ll find EdVenture.

2.The Columbia Museum of Art

Since moving to Main Street over 20 years ago, Columbia’s cultural hub has rapidly grown. The CMA, which has a gallery area of 22,000 square feet, features a specially created Chihuly chandelier over its main entrance and has featured notable traveling exhibitions, such as works by Henri Matisse, Imogen Cunningham, and Salvador Dali. In order to expose as many people as possible to art, the museum regularly hosts hip events that are intended to draw non-traditional museum visitors into its spaces.

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3.South Carolina State Museum

The riverfront South Carolina State Museum displays the most thorough history of the state that is now available and is housed in what was the first completely electronic textile mill in the world. The museum emphasizes natural history, science and technology, cultural history, and the arts. Children like (or despise) the life-size shark that hangs on the second story, while adults are entranced by the building’s more current 55-foot (16-meter) digital dome planetarium, which features educational programs and exciting laser light shows set to rock music.

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