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Tips for playing coin toss on the phone are of interest to many people. To help you have fun and bring huge bonuses without having to leave your beloved phone. Let’s New88 Follow the entire article below!
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Overview of the coin toss game

Before learning about Tips for playing coin toss on the phone undefeated, you need to go through a few basic features of the coin toss game. To help you better understand the rules and tips we have summarized below in this article.

What is the concept of disc jockey?

Xoc Dia (also known as Xoc Dia) is a game with a form of betting according to a certain limit. The game only uses some basic tools such as: plates, bowls, coins. The game is quite simple, just place a bet and the dealer will put the coin in the plate, turn the bowl over and shake well. Participants will predict the tail result of the number of coins in the bowl. Currently, the coin toss game has many variations with two main forms:

  • Traditional Xoc Dia (folk) form of direct play.
  • Online coin toss to win prizes (on all platforms).

Some basic rules of the coin toss game on the phone 

Xoc Dia is played in a traditional form that depends a lot on luck. However, with online play, there are different changes. To help players better understand some tips for playing dice on the phone, it is necessary to learn about some rules of dice game.

Shake the disc according to points 

This is a fairly common rule and is often easily recognized, without needing too much calculation. When the machine begins to shock, sudden color changes will appear on the screen. You just need to quickly observe to see the location of the point

Check the dish according to color

On the phone screen interface there will always be 4 positions fixed in one place. We set the order for each piece and choose one to calculate the rule. In each game, the coin will appear white or black, even or odd. Just rely on the color to bet on the next game.

The rules of coin toss are based on the bet number

Usually, each bookmaker’s bet will have a series of numbers or symbols to identify the bet. Just rely on some of these signs to set the most accurate bet level. The simplest is to choose the first number, even bet on even, odd bet on odd.

Some tips for playing coin toss on the phone 

After learning the rules commonly used on mobile phones. Join us to learn through experienced tips for playing coin toss on mobile phones from the experts below.

Understand the rules of the game

Some of the above general information has helped players have a better overview of the rules of coin toss. Players who master the rules will make it easier to apply tips for playing coin toss on the phone. 

When playing, players will see 4 coins, including white coins and red coins. The dealer will choose these 2 coins to analyze based on them. If the result of opening the bowl is 2 full coins and 2 white coins or 4 white coins and 4 red coins. You should bet on odd numbers. In the remaining cases, you should bet on an even number of doors.

Use folding tactics

Next, tips for playing coin toss on the phone cannot help but mention the folding strategy that is favored by many brothers. The entry strategy is quite simple and easy to apply. Players only need to focus on observing the results of the bet. If there are 2 “Even” turns or 2 “Odd” turns in a row, they should place the opposite bet.
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Search strategy

A tip for playing Xoc Dia on the phone that many people use is how to predict Xoc Xoc online. This tip requires players to calculate and observe results to be able to remember and compile results. 

In coin toss, there will be two rules: single bridge and double bridge. The bridge will be based on the results coming back along the wire, meaning the results coming back to the same door. For example: The result of “Over” in 4 consecutive games or “Under” in 5 consecutive games is called a flat. The double bridge will last faster, the result is usually over 10 turns. 

Concentrate on observing

An indispensable skill in playing coin toss on the phone is to focus on observation. When participating in a game, you observe a player winning consecutive games and follow them. 

There are usually two types of players: Lucky players and experienced players. So, watch how they bet and win a lot.

Choose a reputable game portal on Android or IOS platforms

One of the tips for playing coin toss on your phone that you may not know is to choose a reputable game portal. This affects the winning or losing ratio of the bet. When participating at a reputable bookmaker, you will not worry about fraud or lack of transparency. New88 – a reputable bookmaker number 1 in Vietnam, you can refer to. 


Above is all the information about tips for playing coin toss on the phone compiled by New88. Hopefully the above tips will help you gain more undefeated experience in every match.

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