Tradiso Review: Is Tradiso a Scam or Legit Trading Platform?

If you’ve considered trading online, then you have most likely come across Tradiso; a globally recognized forex and CFD trading giant. 

The only issue is that there are tons of worrying Tradiso reviews online that infer that the trading platform is shady and should not be trusted. But before you make a decision, you should get your facts right. 

Is Tradiso really a scam? Should you invest or trade on Tradiso? Can you withdraw funds on Tradiso? The results are in — No, Tradiso is NOT a scam and you can withdraw your funds if you use the platform. Let’s give some more context. 

About Tradiso

The online trading platform was founded in 2021 by a group of expert traders, in a bid to help new and existing traders execute their trades swiftly and seamlessly. 

Delayed trade executions and expensive prices are some of the many challenges that online traders face, and Tradiso was established as a solution to these challenges.  

It’s relatively normal for new establishments, especially financial institutions like Tradiso, to encounter some issues bordering on trust when they first start out. Because, of course, no one wants to part with their money if they can spot some loopholes, albeit little.

Sadly, some people have over-exaggerated these loopholes and made a mountain out of a molehill. Hence, many negative Tradiso reviews have flooded the internet. 

Many of the negative Tradiso broker reviews say that Tradiso is unregulated and does not allow investors to withdraw their funds. But none of this is true. 

Is Tradiso Regulated?

Yes, Tradiso is regulated by SVGFSA and operated by Tradiso Group LLC, registered in St Vincent and the Grenadines. So contrary to the tag, ‘offshore, unregulated platform’ that most negative Tradiso reviews use, we can see that the platform is in fact regulated like other trading platforms.

Can You Withdraw Funds on Tradiso?

Yes, Tradiso allows you to withdraw your funds. The withdrawal process is also very simple and straightforward so it should be easy to get your funds out anytime you want to. 

Most negative reviews claim that Tradiso does not allow withdrawals, but that is obviously another of the many over-exaggerated and untrue claims. Some other Tradiso broker reviews speculate that the platform is shady because of the funding system they use. 

Tradiso only allows users to fund their trading accounts using crypto assets like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, and the likes. Some negative Tradiso broker reviews claim that crypto transactions are difficult to track and this claim is usually closely followed by the ‘no-withdrawal’ claim. 

While the former may be true and crypto transactions are usually untrackable, this should not be much of an issue since the platform is regulated and licensed. The most important part is that traders can get their funds out whenever they choose to. 

What Trading Terminals Does Tradiso Use?

Tradiso uses some of the most popular trading terminals and this has to be one of the exciting features of the platform. The trading platform uses the Meta Trader 4 (MT4), Meta Trader 5 (MT5), and Dash Trader pro terminals, thus giving traders access to advanced tools including over 50 technical indicators, and multiple technical analysis tools. 

What Markets Can You Trade in with Tradiso?

Tradiso is not just a forex trading platform, they also allow you to trade cryptocurrencies, shares, indices, and commodities.

Tradiso Accounts and Plans

Tradiso offers three account plans; Standard, ECN, and Pro – same as most other trading platforms. 

Standard: Tradiso’s standard account is the most basic account. It is commission-free, has deep liquidity, and has a 1:100 leverage. This account type allows traders to use the Meta Trader 4 platform and does not come with a minimum deposit.

ECN: This is the mid-level account type. It comes with raw stream spreads, a 1:100 leverage too, and $7.50 per lot payable per side. This account type also allows traders to use the Meta Trader 4 platform and has no minimum deposit. 

Pro: This is Tradiso’s highest account type and it comes with a Tradiso minimum deposit of $25k. It offers small markup spreads and is also commission free. Like the other account types, traders get to use the Meta Trader 4, 1:100 leverage, and deep liquidity on the Pro account too. 

Is Tradiso A Scam?

People are bound to raise eyebrows when it comes to online forex trading and any other online financial investment. 

However, when it comes down to it, there are no real pointers to the fact that Tradiso is a scam. Yes, there are tons of negative Tradiso reviews but none of them are based on real facts or explicit statements, all they have are unfounded speculations.

Are Your Funds Safe on Tradiso?

We have no reasons to believe that your funds are not secure on Tradiso. Since the platform is regulated and funds can be withdrawn whenever you please, you should be good. 

However, it’s always best to make your own findings and be sure you want to invest in the platform before plunging money in.

We can’t guarantee much since we are not directly affiliated with Tradiso. But the good thing is that the platform provides excellent support for its users. 

If you encounter any issues and cannot navigate your way around them, you can easily reach out to them via the contact details on the website. 

Most of the negative Tradiso broker reviews claim that the broker only provides an ineffective chatbox as the only means of communication or complaints resolution. 

This is entirely untrue – Tradiso has a support email address available in on their website. And that’s not all, there’s even an address written there. 

Final Words: Should You Trade with Tradiso?

This is a tough nut to crack because you’re probably torn between this review and believing the negative reviews online. 

While we do not have reasons to believe that Tradiso is a scam, we cannot outrightly guarantee anything. However, we believe that with the information provided in this post, you should be able to make your decision. 

Be sure to make your findings and get your facts right before deciding to trade or invest with Tradiso.  

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