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Uprise your IT career with a certification in ITIL

We are currently witnessing an IT boom in every possible manner. The world is moving towards faster and innovative technology that is making our lives easier. To become a part of the tremendous IT growth would be extremely beneficial for your career as it is one of the top job industries. Many IT professionals worldwide are raking in huge money that can go up to a six-figure sum. Admittedly, it is not a small thing to have an IT job right now.

So, is IT beneficial for your career? Yes, it is. If you get employed in the IT industry, you will be able to get frequent promotions and salary hikes. Apart from the monetary benefits, there are other huge benefits of an IT job. For instance, you will become a part of the topmost talent pool that will shape the technology around us.

To become an IT professional, you need useful certifications. Certifications are the surest way of convincing someone of your skills. It will validate your talent and make you understand the underlying principles of the domain. The world requires talented IT professionals who will be able to resolve all the network issues.

Which certification is best for a career in IT?

Its certifications are plenty, but you need to find the right certification for your career. Some of the IT certifications are outdated and have no relevance in today’s world. So, you need to pick up a certification carefully. ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library is one of the best IT certifications.

For long, ITIL Certification has been helping individuals earn their places in IT industries by equipping them with practical skills and techniques. Becoming an ITIL certified professional has a lot of benefits. You will be able to get a reputed job in any industry you want. There are plenty of job positions that specifically mention ITIL as a prerequisite. To get a job in any IT firm, you must have a relevant certification. ITIL is the best certification for a career in IT because it is a beginner’s level accreditation, and you can gradually build your career with it.

What is ITIL, and how will it help your career?

ITIL is a foundation level certification for beginners who want to make a career in IT and its related areas. You don’t require any prerequisites for appearing for the foundation level of the ITIL exam. The certification has multiple levels, foundation, practitioner, and expert levels. All the levels have separate reviews, and you need to clear all the levels to get the certification by Sprintzeal.

ITIL will enhance your resume and add more value to it. When you go for job interviews, your recruiters will instantly know that you are certified with the best in IT and that you know all about ITSM or IT service management. There are no hard-written rules about who can apply for ITIL. It would help if you had a single four-year bachelor’s degree to sit for the ITIL Foundation exam.

You can choose a wide range of career options with ITIL. There are many job positions for ITIL certification holders. ITIL is popular with recruiters because it is a global benchmark of IT skills and technical expertise. If you wish to start a career in IT, the ITIL certification is perfect for you.

Career paths with ITIL certification

Getting an ITIL certification will make you eligible for many high-paying IT jobs. Some of the most popular IT job positions that you can get through an ITIL certification are listed below.

  • IT project manager

IT business projects are tricky to handle. An IT project manager who can use the ITIL best practices to solve everyday IT problems of companies is in huge demand. As an IT project manager, you have to create exceptional services and strategies for IT service companies.

  • IT manager

An IT manager has to aim for the upkeep of the IT infrastructure and maintenance. Maintaining open and active communication channels is another primary role of IT managers. They are usually responsible for recruiting fresh talent and imparting useful training to new IT interns.

  • IT Service delivery manager

ITSM is one of the critical areas of IT, and an IT service delivery manager has to ensure that the customers get the best ITSM experience through their organizations. They have to monitor and report service productivity along with the efficiency of their products or services.

ITIL certification will open the doors of IT to you. It is highly beneficial for your career and resume, and you will get many advantages after getting an IT certification.

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