What is a pedal-assist Hovsco ebike?

Did you know that not all electric bikes are created equal? There are two types, those with throttle and those with pedal assist. E-bikes get you from A to B with a throttle and hardly any pedaling required Whereas a pedal-assist electric bike works a little differently and is the perfect option for those after a more conventional riding feel.

An e-bike with pedal assist feels like riding a normal ebike, but it gives you so much more power! Simply put, you can still get pedaling, but if you need a little boost, the e-bike has got you.

Pedal assist is the main advantage of e-bikes

Before breaking down how an e-bike with pedals can change your life for the better, let’s talk about Hovsco pedal assist ebike that use a throttle. Similarly to a motorbike, when activated (usually with a twist grip or simple button on the handlebars) these throttles give you the power to go your way without pedals. Because of this, they don’t feel like a conventional bike (unless you use throttle mode) so may not be suitable for someone looking for the feel or health benefits of a regular bike.

Why are pedal assist e-bikes so popular?

For anyone looking to get the fix and feel of a regular bike ride but could do with an extra bonus boost every now and then, Hovsco pedal assist electric bike might be just what you’re after. But if you need a little more convincing, check out the other reasons for this growing trend of e-bikes:

It is sweat-free

If you’re looking for a new way to commute to work but high-intensity cycling makes you too hot, irritable, and sweaty to commute to the office, a pedal-assist e-bike could be the perfect solution. You can still cycle to work, but you’re hot and sweaty at the office. Don’t reach the mess! Thanks to Assist Mode, you’ll apply a little less energy on your way – just enough to keep you dry and ready for those meetings right away.

Makes tricky terrain a breeze

If you’re surrounded by flat roads, conventional bikes are a great way to get around, but if your surroundings are a bit choppier, you might want to boost a little every now and then. Hovsco pedal assist ebike can get you through terrain that might require a little more effort than pedal power alone – be it gravel or dirt roads.

The mountains will not distract you

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a nice ride and then hitting a cliff of unexpected doom. Ever been halfway up the only question is whether your legs can take you all the way? With Hovsco pedal assist you never have to worry about making it to the top, get that ‘assist’ mode on your side and you’ll be at the top before you know it – minus the lactic acid in your legs!

A great low-impact cardio exercise

Even pedaling yourself around town with assist mode can be a great workout. Not only does pedal—like a conventional bicycle—do wonders for toning your core muscles in the legs, but it’s still a challenge for the heart and lungs, making it a popular choice for anyone after a little cardiovascular exercise. You can choose your level of support depending on how much work you want to do that day.

It is a green choice for your daily commute

For the eco-conscious who want to choose a mode of transportation that has little impact on our planet, but can’t commit to fully cycling to and from work, an electric bike is a perfect compromise that can help you go further than a regular bike, but A car can do more damage to the earth than driving. You are able to cover much greater distances than a normal bike, which means if your workplace is too far to cycle, walk or run,Hovsco electric bikes have you covered.

It’s really lightweight, and the battery is super slim and integrated so you won’t even notice the motor. But don’t be fooled – it can take you up to 20 miles per hour. You’ll never have to worry about running into a flat battery, as a full charge can take you up to 45 miles. If you ever need a big trip, it charges up to 80 percent in just two hours and is fully charged in just 3.4 hours.

The Voya E+ series of Hovsco pedal-assist electric bikes also have different ride support modes, so depending on how much assistance you get – you need a little nudge or a big push on the hill! You can easily select your ride mode without affecting your commute. A quick touch on the very nifty controller on the top tube will get the job done, as well as power on/off and allow you to check the battery status.

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