Factors To Consider For Developing Online Teaching Approach

Teaching is a practice that should be more inclined towards discussions rather than lecturing. Learners, not the teacher, should be the prime focus of the process. Even though teachers have powers, they should not use them in a way that makes students less empowered in their classroom. 

Teachers, most of the time, opt for a way of teaching where they adopt the role of a facilitator or a provider. Students have no other option than sitting and listening to the lectures of their teachers. In online teaching, this even gets worse as students sit in seclusion, staring at screens. 

Teachers are providers and students look up to them. But, teachers should not always adopt the facilitator approach while teaching. They should incorporate various teaching styles for providing a better learning experience. 

Various factors influence online learning. However, here are the four major factors that influence the online learning approach.  

  • Learners

You should know who your learners are. Suppose that you have an education app and provide various online courses through your app and website. You will attract learners from around the world. Some will be interested in learning while some might be experienced professionals who come to learn a certain thing or for having in-depth knowledge on a specific topic contained in your course. Whatever be the reason, all these people are your learners. 

Learning about who your learners are, knowing about their persona and basic demographic and other details helps you in curating your courses or learning style to match their expectations.

Similarly, even if you take your school classes online, it is the same thing. Many students in your class have different learning styles, grasping power, etc. You must consider all these factors while teaching your class. Engage with them and be available to them for help.You Get all Info About Keto Strong

  • Context

What are you teaching? To whom are you teaching? These two questions largely impact the online teaching approach. 

Teaching every subject requires a different strategy. Similarly, the teaching style for primary school students would be different from teaching secondary classes. more info visit here – 90s tamil songs

Understanding the various aspects of context is necessary for developing a powerful teaching approach. 

  • Your Preference 

You may prefer certain things in a certain way. Every teaching has a different teaching style and adopts various teaching styles accordingly but there will always be USP.  This USP is their strength. You also have a way of teaching that you are most comfortable in and that is your strength, your USP. 

As much as adopting and making changes in your teaching style is necessary, it is important to keep your preferences intact as well. A teacher is a great learner as well, hence, molding and twisting their preference per what learners expect is not very difficult for them.All car information details Hyundai Motor Company


The facilitator attitude is necessary however, it should not be the only way of a teacher’s teaching. A teacher finds the gap between the teaching-learning process and puts effort into bridging it. 

Developing an approach to teaching requires effort and these points mentioned above should be kept in mind while teaching online. 

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